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  Other Characteristics:
Q model (MJ2600-356/Q) combines 3 in 1 function in one machine.
Patented hidden oil seal
Special design of patented hidden oil seal can prevent the oil leakage problem from the needle bar.
The hemming guide with the lighting bright board
Innovative and patented design of bright board with light under the fabric which can clearly see through the line between double and single ply fabric,improves the sewing quality,productivity and saving the cost greatly without purchasing the machine with left hand side fabric trimmer.
Built-in LED light(For servo motor models)
Built-in LED light design with 8 LED bulbs effectively improves the lighting as well as reduces the electric consumption for lighting greatly.
Built-in DIRECT DRIVE mini Servo motor
Thanks to the Innovative and patented integration of mechanical-electronical, easy to check the motor without opening the top cover,the whole design is artistic.
  Model description: