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  Other Characteristics:
Individual left and right side "double differential feeding" and "stitch length adjustment" functions.
Without using the screw driver to open and to adjust the stitch length from inside.
03 ~ 05 model for taping (MJ62GX-xxx-03 ~ 05)
Patented---Flat(no bone)feeling interlock.Easy to do the curve stitches, or use colorful threads to sew, get dual effects of curve stitches and ornamental stitches simultaneously.
Patented---Special design of patented hidden oil seal can prevent the oil leakage problem from the needle bar.
Patented---The new anti-oil-leakage design Adopting high-quality oil seals.
Patented---Dual purposes design of the Motor base-changeable between mini servo motor and normal clutch motor.
  Model description: