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  a. When conducted, its temperature can reach up to 500? within 30 seconds. Moreover, temperature can be controlled by adjusting the electricity voltage.
b. Only low voltage is required for starting. Heat efficiency is over 95%, 1.5 times and 2 times more efficient than PTC and Ni-Cr heater, respectively. More energy savings can be achieved.
  a. With a unique feature of uni-directional radiation, it can save more insulation materials while installing.
b. Semi-conductive and memorable
c. Can be coated on various heat insulation materials and can be formed in different shapes.
d. Heat efficiency can be altered.
e. Wide applicable range, from 6V to 380V, both AC and DC.
  a. No EMF emission within a certain range.
b. No fire under 500C and no oxidation.
c. Excellent strength to impact, low inflation coefficient, anti-acid & alkali
d. Temperature can be constantly maintained, from room temperature to 500?. Under 350?, it can be continuously operated for 3,000 hours.
  a. Far-infrared Ray’s emission with or without being heated. Emission efficiency can be between 91% to 93%.
  a. Deodorizing, anti-germ, repel carbon oxide, maintain freshness of food.
b. Can be combined with other catalyzer
  a. No PbO generated.