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In the 70's, the economy of Taiwan has grown enormously, the prosperity of industry and commerce and on living standard improvement. The whole economy environment stimulus the demand for telecommunication services. In term of construction of the whole economy wire/cable is one of the basic products.

The other related field such as metal, plastic, power, telecommunication services, information system, military affairs, construction, home electrical goods and electrical goods, etc. make up economy growth and occupied important position where high quality telecommunication services and transmission equipment are demanded. In order to fit in the future demand of telecommunication market, Tai Tung Communication Co., Ltd. Was established and invested NT$ 1.2 million company's main income rely on making high quality telecommunication cables.

Head office & factory
Address: No.3,Lane 12, Wu Chuan 3 Rd Hsin Chuang City, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-2299-1066 (10 lines)
Fax: 886-2299-3958 & 2299-0725


TAI TONG ELECTRIC WIRE & CABLE CO., LTD " was founded in Yang Mei by Mr. Ching Hung Lee, President. We started the mass production. Initially, company mainly supplied the telecommunication cables and instruments control cables which are required and great popular in the telecommunication market. Meanwhile, Tai Tung also progressively developed on the cables and wires for Ministry of Transportation and Communications Department, Taiwan Railway Administration and Military affairs Department use.


Tai Tung is an advanced manufacture in telecommunication cable field. In order to cope with the growing market demand, enlarging business and attract much more superexcellent talented person join us, company moved the factory to Wu Ku Industry Part occupying 3000 m2. In addition, we instituted the production line and operating center enable us to establish the basis for strengthens our management.


!uRadio Frequency Coaxial Cables!v!B!uPE-PVC indoor Digital Telephone Cables!vand other products were qualified by DGT(The Directorate General of Telecommunications). In addition, our various kind of wires and cables were accredited the trademark by National Bureau of Standards, MOEA, especially Tai Tung is the only one to obtained the trademark for !uPVC Insulation Indoor Telephone Cables!vin the wire the cable manufactures in Taiwan.


Capital increased to be NT$ 60 million .
Purchased continuously wire drawing machine from Japan to increase the wire capacity to be 70,000,000 M /month.


Capital increased to be NT$ 90 million .


Purchased one more continuously wire drawing machine and imported DCM test instrument from USA to create higher quality products and move up the production capacity .


Capital increased to be NT$ 180 million .
Expanded plant and facility upgrade for setting up the production line for 8mm and special wires/cables. In addition, we also purchased high-tech facilities, equipment and test instruments from USA and Swiss to develop CATV and RF Coaxial cables.
Company was accredited ISO 9002 Quality assurance Award.


Capital increased to be NT$ 198 million.
Bought more instruments to research and develop new process and products.


Developed on the wire and cables for cellular phone antennas with the base station use.
Purchased manufacture and QC equipment for the slot type and loose type optical fiber cables development.
Authorized to be the " Public Company ".


Began producing optical fiber cables. - Changed company name to " TAI TUNG COMMUNICATION CO., LTD." to correspond with our areas of expertise. - Began making mass production of CATV trunk and distribution cables.


The privatization of telecommunication, fixed network opening and user friendly of CATV, among telecommunication market of Taiwan encourage other rivals to join. Thus, create international merge in order todevelop telecommunication business globally which rely upon coordination. The prosperity of
telecommunication business accelerates strong demand for communication cables and equipment.

To be in the face of future, Tai Tung will make sustained efforts to build the world with " communication without border; communication without obstacle " for everyone.