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@1.Digital vs Analog servo


To start with, lets look at how a servo works: when twitching the transmitter, the receiver sends a signal to the servo and the microprocessor of the servo interfaces with the feedback potentiometer. And then the amplifier and the amp send a signal to
the servo motor instructing it what to do. You could find the difference from the following list,
(1)Analog amplifiers send a signal telling the motor what to do 50 times a second, digital amplifiers send a signal up to 300
timesa second to the servo motor.
(2)Digital servo has greater holding power than the analog servo when the servo against the load.
(3)The develop of full output power , analog is about 2 degrees from the central point, digital is under 1 degrees only.
(4)Digital servo has faster control response and more accuracy than analog.

@2.Brushless motor vs Brushed motor


A brushless motor , as the name suggests, is the motor has no brushes or mechanical commutator connecting to the rotor.
Without physically contacting and rubbing, the brushless motor is able to work more efficiently and smoothly.
Here are the main features of brushless motorG

  • Longer lifetime.
  • Sustaining in a greater range of volts and currents.?
  • Hassle free on maintaining: Time and Money saving on carbon brush replacing.
  • Larger power for greater enjoyment and excitement.
  @3.Coreless motor
  Coreless motor consists of a self-supporting skew-wound copper coil instead of iron core in the armature, thus it could be
made smaller and lighter than the core type. Because of the zero eddy current losses on it, a coreless motor has higher
efficiency and greater power output than traditional motor.
In addition, it also has the character of low starting voltage and inertia, rotates without cogging and this could once again
provideyou the smooth and fluent operating.
Typically the coreless motor are become the spokesman of the top grade servo.
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