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MPEC is a leading and professional Schottky Wafer makers.
MPEC invest in our team members to produce results that surpass customer’s expectation.

With the narrow margins in electronic industry, maximizing your outsourcing capability will drive your business forward and succeed with efficiency. MPEC is set-up to meet your expectations. Entrust us your outsourcing operations to find the best solutions for your business. Just focus on your sales and we will take care of the rest.
The goal of MPEC is to minimize cost and risk for customers. This idea drives MPEC to consolidate reliable and quality PCB and LCD suppliers. Bargain with suppliers through powerful knowledge and purchasing skills, monitor the status of order by providing actual WIP online. And consolidate shipments to reduce shipping cost.

The main purposes of Diode in circuit are: Rectifying (AC/DC), Zener, Switch and Circuit Protection.
Schottky is the most valuable and high-end diode with the following special characteristic:
- Boarder Forward Cureent(0.2A< If<60A)
- Fastest TRR (trr<10 ns , in general 5-8 ns)
- Break-Down Voltage (generally 20V-100V,200-250V Available in the market)
- Lower Forward Drop (VF) to minimize power dissipation.