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8 in 1 IR Learning Type + Pre-Programmed Remote Control
High performance MCU capable of upgrading programs
512 KB bytes Flash Memory for Learning/ Pre-Programmed Code, making code will be never lost
Each device includes 2 pages of different keys, up to 57 keys in total
Capable of learning Carrier (frequency: 20K~455KHz ) and pulse codes
Capable of deleting single key, single device or even the whole remote codes
Device Layout Changeable
Assigning Macros up to 60 commands, including Time Delays between two commands
During Macro transmission, all commands are shown on LCD screen, easier to be understood
by users
Automatically detecting environment brightness to light up Blue LED backlight auxiliary
With Auto power saving functions
With motion detection to power up automatically
With Power indicator & Battery low indicator for precaution
Dimensions (W x H x D): 3"x 1.25"x 7.5"(7.6x3.2x19.0 cm)
Weight (With Batteries): 11.3oz (320g)
8 in 1 IR learning & Pre-programmed remote control ¡P Memory: 512KB Flash Memory
Keys: 56 Keys/ 2 Pages/ 8 Bank
Learning Frequency: 20KHz - 455KHz & Pulse up to 256 bits long
Backlight: Blue LED ¡P Interface: UART/ 115,200bps ( SLC-2080 USB cable option)
IR Distance: 8 - 10 meters ¡P Batteries: 1.5V, 3 X AAA Alkaline Batteries (SUM-4)
Power consumption: Operation current: 30 ~ 150mA(max)
LCD on Current: 300 uA
LCD off Current: 50 uA
Operate: 30-150 mA
SLC-2080 USB cable
Upgrade Tools
SRC-7000 User's Manual