March 26, 2003
ARK has its own in-house R&D
team capable of designing...
March 15, 2003
ARK has its own in-house R&D
team capable of designing...
March 05, 2003
ARK has its own in-house R&D
team capable of designing...

Pre-Christian history relates that when the world was young, father Noah had a dream. In this dream it was revealed to him that the world as he knew it was facing immanent destruction. Therefore he should build an Ark; A vessel of such size and strength that it could transport the essence of the creatorˇs genius, through the darkness and storms to a place of safety and prosperity. Current thinking at the time held that small was beautiful, and that the mass transportation of such a diverse and demanding cargo was at best foolish and at worst madness. But Noah ignored his skeptics, and as the stormy waters rose over the mountain tops, Captain and cargo sailed off in search of a brave new world.

The echoes of this great event are felt the world over, with lessons learnt by every new generation each time the story is retold. Nowhere is this tradition more evident than in the headquarters of the Ark International Corporation in Taiwan. Conceived as a vessel to carry the finest exponents of the tool makerˇs art to markets across the world, the planners knew that this would be no ordinary venture. The corporate vessel had to be big enough to house each and every example of the finest tools the market could offer, but not so big that it would founder in the volatile storms of economic upheaval. Every stage of the structure had to be subject to meticulous planning . As with Noah there was no room for passengers, every centimeter of space was accounted for, nor yet could any of the vital inventory be left behind. As dark clouds gathered in stock markets the world over, the millions of man hours planning the launch of this great venture became reality.
Ark International took to sea!

To celebrate this epic reconstruction of the Biblical legend, the combined Board and world-wide staff of the Ark International Corporation, invite you to meet with them and their representatives across the globe, and see for yourself if their extravagant claims hold good: Corporate strength designed to withstand the harshest economic wind, a work force as talented as they are highly motivated and an R&D Resource that acknowledges No rival! As to the end of the story, the creator gave Noah a rainbow, and thus promised that disaster would never again visit his venture. Ark International offer their rainbow: Their product range, through this their Mission Statement is simply expressed
we bring you the best, let us now prosper together.


We Provide:
Full technical and logistic support
Full packaging with combined shipping
Promotion material, trade show and exhibition support
Potential warehousing facilities
Unique product design and competitive pricing
Shared market intelligence and advertising costs
Exclusivities and referrals

We Need:
The ambitious to be part of the international marker.
Those interested in exploiting the markets.
Those interested in creating business opportunities and embracing challenges.
Those willing to go deep into the markets.
Those willing to enter a long-term partnership, and share their mutual achievements with us.